Quest for Glory – Shadows of Darkness: Official Sountrack


  1. Michelle Travis

    Oh how I *ADORED* this score… easily my favorite of the QFG games, and some of my favorite music from the series bar none. And to hear it like THIS! I could cry. THANK YOU SO MUCH for releasing this!

  2. Sslaxx

    The only other person who I’ve found doing stuff like this with QfG4 is Ztrawberry. Nice work!

  3. Daniel Anderson

    Love love loved this game…and the score was just fantastic. You did an AMAZING job with this – Thanks for allowing me to relive this… had to stop and have a moment. 🙂

  4. Kirinn

    This is certainly one of the most epic soundtracks in game history. Let me just take this opportunity to say thank you – you are an amazing composer (and performer)!

    Of the upcoming work, I’m probably most looking forward to volume 4. 😀

  5. A pseudonym

    Purchasing this album was one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made! Thank you, Aubrey Hodges, for making these remastered tracks available to your fans! Years, even decades have past since I first played this game and I have been absorbed in the music and art of its craft ever since – the album’s original work already holds a place of honor on my playlists. Discovering this treasure was pure joy and I can’t begin to express my appreciation for your work toward modernizing these gems!

    Thank you!

  6. Ryan

    A masterpiece! My favorite soundtrack of all time!

  7. Evgeny

    One of the best soundtracks in game history! I remember all these tunes since school days. Very beautyfull and atmospheric!

  8. TommyR

    Hope all is well with your Mr. Hodges! Still listening, after all these years.

  9. Martin

    After more than 20 years, still the best soundtrack out there!

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