It’s Here! Beethoven Quartets – Vol 1


This is what we think it would sound like if four fully self aware alien robots performed Beethoven quartets using their internal sound bot chips! My son John joins me for the first time in a collaboration to bring some of the greatest classical music to life in a fresh and exciting style. Beethoven seemed like a fantastic place to start and we chose one of our favorite quartets from Opus 18. Many more will follow as we merge some of the most amazing composers with some of the most unique and fun synth tones. All music has been performed exactly as penned by the classical composers as we wanted to be faithful to the spirit of the original works. That certainly has us practicing harder than ever to be able to ensure these pieces come to life and honor the Maestros who composed them.

I am dedicating this album to my aunt, Frances Costa (“ant Franny”). She let me bang on their piano as a youngster for hours on end. I had no idea what I was doing but that didn’t stop me from making all sorts of noise! Because of her patience and encouragement I fell in love with music and that passion still burns bright today. Thank you so much Aunt Franny for how much support, care and love you have always given to all of us! I just hope you know what an impact you have had in my life and in the lives of so many others. You rock!

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