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Aubrey Hodges - StudioGreetings!

I hope you enjoy the site. Whether you are a already a fan of my music, a musician, a prospective client or simply passing through, there is a ton of content you may find of interest.

If you are not familiar with my work then perhaps this brief biography may help…

In the Music section I have included quite a bit of my music throughout the years on game soundtracks as popular as Madden and as obscure as Freaky Flyers. I have also posted some brand new material that is very different from my work for games and television. On this page welcome page I have provided a quick demo of some of my more popular themes.

I have also included a Demo Reel section that showcases Trailers, Cutscenes and In-Game footage as well! I can’t possibly post all of my projects over the last 27 years but there is quite a bit of material to browse through. Maybe you’ll find a game that you want to go back and play!

If you are seeking to buy one of many soundtracks, albums or singles, then you’ll want to head over to my bandcamp streaming and purchase site:

Thanks again for visiting and happy listening!


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