The following are some unsolicited comments from reviewers and fans.

DOOM Playstation – Audio Score: 10 out of 10

“The sound, on the other hand, is nothing short of wonderful. Most of the sound effects were redone for this version, and they make the PC versions effects sound like static emitted from a transistor radio by comparison. What really sold this game for me, however, was the background music provided by Aubrey Hodges. It easily blows the PC versions cheesy midi tunes away. His ambient soundtrack is what really helped give the game a whole “creepy” feeling the PC version didn’t have, and helped craft this version into having one of the most satisfying aural experiences I’ve ever had with a videogame. It really helped demonstrate how much of a role sound plays in what you’re feeling as your playing a game.
In my mind, Aubrey Hodges is right up there with Tim Wright and Stephen Root as of my most favorite videogame music artists ever. It’s a sad shame that companies are so head over heels into overblown licensed soundtracks, that unique artists such as these get overlooked in today’s gaming market. Yes, I realize this is a bit out of scope with this review, but it needs to be said.”


Freddy Pharkas Frontier Pharmacist PC – Score: 5 of 5

“The music, composed by Aubrey Hodges, contributes to the game’s essence in a manner that is pleasing to the ears. Unlike melodies found in other games which can grow tiresome after the first few minutes, the melodies in this game are refreshing and never seem to get old. “

Adventure Classic Gaming – Read The Full Review

Madden 08 XBOX 360 – Score: A-

“…the sounds are loud, explosive, and full of hits, groans, and helmets crashing. The crowd is wonderful as well and is even reactive when you hit the red zone or are backed up against your own end zone. “

Gaming Age – Read The Full Review

Quake 3 Arena Dreamcast – Score: A-

“Judging by the complaints of my downstairs neighbors, Quake’s sound rocks the house! Nice use of surround sound, booming base from rocket launchers and explosions, and even cool voice samples complete this audio wonder.”

Gaming Age – Read The Full Review

NASCAR Chase For The Cup – Playstation 2 – Audio Score: 10 out of 10

“The sound, on the other hand, is something there can be no argument over. We’re talking about more voice, more music, and higher quality. Yes, the cars still sound like cars and the tracks still sounds like a bloody piece of road underneath some tires, but the level of quality, spread across positional 5.1 (even on PS2, less I be completely deaf) is just phenomenal. The new swooping pack sounds, sudden lulls, and very subtle changes in acoustic patterns when drafting make rushing through lines more intense, but they also often give slight audio cues related to the performance of your car.”

IGN – Read The Full Review