Doom Playstation: Official Soundtrack – 20th Anniversary Extended Edition!

I am happy to announce the release of Doom Playstation: Official Soundtrack – 20th Anniversary Extended Edition!

5 1/2 hours of music
8 all new bonus tracks, each over 10 minutes long!
New version of the Doom Main Theme
New version of the Doom Finale
All level tracks are now over 10 minutes each!





  1. josh levin

    I bought the original playstation doom soundtrack and Doom 64. Can you release a Album for the 20th anniversary music that is only the changes? I dont want to re buy the album again just to get the extra music.

    • Hi Josh…The albums are quite different from one another. Every level track has changed with new instruments and extended length, the main theme and finale are all new arrangements and both versions contain completely different bonus tracks. The only tracks that remained the same are the credits and level complete. So, the new version of the album without those 2 tracks would be almost identical to what is already offered.

  2. Frank

    One of the best game soundtracks – ever! Creepy, anxiety-inducing, and completely evil in its dark and haunting ambience. Track 15 (Corrupted – Level: Deimos Lab) is one of the most unbelievable combination of sounds I’ve ever heard in my life. This is an essential soundtrack to have, even if you haven’t played the PSX Doom.

  3. Steve

    Thank for the memories and new material. You are a legend.

  4. Steve

    Oh btw, Club Doom has quite the cult following on YouTube. A remix/extended version would be a hit there.

  5. Aubrey, I just wanted to say thanks for your awesome work. Ever since I was a child, I have played Doom and Final Doom with great enthusiasm, although not the PC version but the PS. The PlayStation version was the first one I played, and the music environment really made the atmosphere like it should’ve been in the original version. The awesome, eerie music indicates that you really are alone in these halls of the damned and there’s absolutely no rescue coming to help you. I think your track Lamentation (Mt. Erebus) is one of the best, it really sets the atmosphere scary as hell. I think it’s thanks to your music the PS version was such a masterpiece. Once I tried the PC version, I found the pounding music not suitable for the game: my mind was set.

    Keep up the good work and I hope you have great projects in the future! I was hoping that they’d contact you when making the music track for the new Doom!

  6. danny

    Aubrey Hodges, would you like to release this on tape?

    • Tape? As in Cassette Tape? I don’t think there is a viable market left for that format any longer. Especially when you factor in the limited size of the video game soundtrack fanbase.

  7. Tom

    I’m guessing Mind Massacre is the track with the bee in the coke can. Good stuff. I enjoy studying maths to this music.

  8. Asher Moran

    Aubrey, do you think this extended version will hit the Google Music store page anytime soon?

  9. Richard Nicholson

    I cannot play Doom without this soundtrack, it has such a unique feel which defines Doom for me. Fortunately it’s easy enough to use it along with the PSX sounds and map lighting/coloring in GZDoom for an awesome experience on PC.

  10. Mathew chambers

    I bought your PlayStation, n64, and quake 1 soundtracks on iTunes, I went to go listen to them in my truck the other day… and now they’re gone, not even in my purchase history…

    Would you be able to tell me what’s going on with those?
    Non even Apple could help me with it.

    • The digital distributor had to take them down because they were linked to a record label that no longer represents my catalog. Send me your contact info and I will make sure to send you a code/download link via bandcamp.

      • Mathew chambers

        Sure thing
        Thank you so much!

        Sorry it took so long to respond to this…
        My phone number if you need it is: ———-

        I would give you the proof that I bought it on iTunes, but it’s like it never existed! It think it’s pretty shady of them to just yank it off the market and out of your library without notice… i never received and email or a text or anything…

      • Robincolo

        Hi Aubrey.

        I have the same problem, I purchased the DOOM PLAYSTATION SOUNDTRACK via iTunes in 2013. I noticed a couple of days ago (22 November 2018) that it has completely disappeared from my library. It’s not showing in my purchase history either. So far Apple have been useless with no answer as to why it’s gone.

  11. Mathew chambers

    You’re the best man! Life long fan!

  12. Konstantin

    I saw a new DOOM (2016). I want to say that this is not DOOM. It is just another crazy shooter. Why? Because of music. In my opinion, 70% of the uniqueness of the classic DOOM lies in its atmosphere. So, music made this game as we know it. Thus, Aubrey Hodges can be considered one of the main creators of the classic DOOM.
    Vinyl… Is it posible?
    Like this one

  13. Robincolo

    Hi Aubrey.

    I have the same problem as Mathew Chambers. I purchased the DOOM PLAYSTATION SOUNDTRACK via iTunes in 2013. I noticed a few days ago (22nd November 2018) that it has completely disappeared from my library. It’s not showing in my purchase history either. So far Apple have been useless with no answer as to why it’s gone.

    • Apple removed that album due to the fact that I am no longer represented by that label. RedNine went out of business and I am now self publishing. i will be sending you a code to download this from another source. Sorry for the confusion!

      • Robincolo

        Thank you very much Aubrey, very kind of you. I’ve used to codes so I can now continue to listen to that fantastic soundtrack!

        Thanks again.

  14. Ross Smith

    hello Aubrey i previously bought the PS1 doom 20th anniversary album but my previous computer no longer works and i was unable to recover them from it. Is there a way i can download the album again without having to re purchase it?

  15. Ponker Snotch

    I wish they would do this sort of soundtrack on the new doom games. I always prefered the dark ambient stuff over the high paced rock and synth beats.

  16. Chris

    Thank you so much for your work. I just love listening to the soundtracks during the night on the (german) highway!

    Any chance of also extending the Final Doom tracks to Final Doom 21th anniversary? :o)

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