Interview – December 2009 Interview: Aubrey Hodges [Doom/Quake] 
This is a fairly lenghty interview about my career in general and specifically the music and ambient design for Doom playstation. There are a ton of music samples as well.

Interview with – December 2008 Exclusive 38 Studios Audio Interview with Aubrey Hodges 
This is a in-depth interview about my past accomplishments and my recent appointment as Director of Audio at 38 Studios.

Press Release – November 2008 38 Studios Adds Pioneer Audio Director and User Interface Designer 
This is the press release announcing the appointment of Aubrey as Director of Audio at 38 Studios.

Gamezone – April 2008 Sound Analysis With EA Audio Director Aubrey Hodges – Part 2
This is part 2 of the GameZone interview.

Gamezone – March 2008 Sound Analysis With EA Audio Director Aubrey Hodges – Part 1
In this article I discuss the role of Studio Audio Director and provide some candid answers to questions about developing audio at EA. I tried to provide an inside look at how and why decisions get made. I believe this approach gives fans a connection to the development process since many of their questions and concerns get answered.

Washington Post – August 2007 Video Games Score Points By Keeping It Vocally Real
Brief interview with the Washington Post concerning dialog in video games.

IGN – December 8, 2005 Madden 360: Sound Check The game of football isn’t always what you see, it’s what you hear. 
This is a lengthy interview concerning the upcoming features and techniques used in Madden 2006 for next gen consoles.

B Net – May 2004 Audio for games: composers are being asked to come up with movie-like scores while sound designers are providing 5.1 effects 
Technical details and insight into how Madden audio is developed.

Mix Magazine – Mar 1, 2004 Road Tested and Approved
This is an article on the recording techniques that I used in Nascar 2004. It first appeared in the print version and later made it’s way to the mix-online site.

EA Sports/Developer Diary – January, 2004 Diary #5 Real Nascar Sounds 
This is an EA Sports Developer Diary on techniques used in Nascar 2004.