Interview – March 2017 Interview: Aubrey Hodges [Doom/Quake] 
This is a fairly lenghty interview about my career in general and specifically the music and ambient design for Doom playstation. There are a ton of music samples as well.

Interview with – December 2008 Exclusive 38 Studios Audio Interview with Aubrey Hodges 
This is a in-depth interview about my past accomplishments and my recent appointment as Director of Audio at 38 Studios.

Press Release – November 2008 38 Studios Adds Pioneer Audio Director and User Interface Designer 
This is the press release announcing the appointment of Aubrey as Director of Audio at 38 Studios.

Washington Post – August 2007 Video Games Score Points By Keeping It Vocally Real
Brief interview with the Washington Post concerning dialog in video games.

IGN – December 8, 2005 Madden 360: Sound Check The game of football isn’t always what you see, it’s what you hear. 
This is a lengthy interview concerning the upcoming features and techniques used in Madden 2006 for next gen consoles.

Mix Magazine – Mar 1, 2004 Road Tested and Approved
This is an article on the recording techniques that I used in Nascar 2004. It first appeared in the print version and later made it’s way to the mix-online site.