Doom Playstation Arch Vile sounds!

At last, the sounds intended for the Doom Playstation Arch Vile are released for you enjoyment! As you may know, the Arch Vile was cut from the game due to performance and memory restraint issues. However, before that decision was made I had already recorded a first pass set of voiceovers that were ready to get implemented once he was working correctly. Sadly, he was removed from the game and the sounds never did get used. After years of getting questions and requests from fans about these sounds I finally found the time to dig through all my old archives in search of them. I found the original recordings and went ahead and edited them and applied some mild effects based on the approach I used with most of the other monster sounds. The sounds are in 4 categories: idle, attack, pain and death. Feel free to use them in your mods, remixes, fan pages or any other way regarding your love for all things Doom. One important note…These were never tested in the game so I am not going to guarantee how well they’ll fit with the rest of the soundscape. I never had the chance to iterate and weed through them to make sure they are awesome. Who knows, I may have scrapped them entirely after hearing them in game or I may have loved them. Hearing them now after all these years does bring back memories though. Enjoy!



Get the zip file here:

Doom Playstation – Arch Vile – Original Aubrey Hodges Voiceovers


  1. I’m always playing my PC Doom with the PSX sounds mod and I HATE it when Arch-Vile has that low quality PC sound. But this is awesome! archvile_idle_13.wav is very nice, I think this gives me another reason to fire the game up again! I’ll just have to see how to mend these sounds with the game.

    Thanks man, amazing work once again!


    interesting peace of doom history!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this bit of Doom history, very interesting to hear all the different takes!

  4. Guchiandra

    Oh man, I’m just wondering if there were any other unused sounds for the monsters that are in the game. I’m dying just thinking about ever getting to hear those. Awesome stuff!

  5. Richard Nicholson

    Oh this is awesome! I wonder if there are any more sounds, engines like ZDoom allow for adding a lot of additional random sounds so it would be interesting to check out the other takes for other monsters. I’d love to hear so Arachnotron pain sounds, etc if any were made at all, the PSX Arachnotron sounds have always been my favorite, the death sound is incredible.

  6. Jado

    Thank you so much for sharing this with the community Mr. Hodges. As a huge fan of your work (and Doom as well), I always love to see some of the developmental things that influence the production as well as things that didn’t make the cut but still contributed to the production process.

  7. looks like as hype. in compare with all other psx sounds, is much different style. thanks god, Arch Vile was deleted

    • These are all FIRST PASS and were never edited, effected, mixed or iterated upon. If the Arch Vile stayed in the game I would have made these fit in with the rest of the game perfectly or done something else that worked better. But, there was no need since he was cut.

  8. Sean The Bermanator

    Do you happen to have any other uncompressed sound effects? I am making an HD sound pack for Doom 64: Retribution and other mods that use your sounds and music. If you do, please send them to me. Preferably E-Mail: If you don’t, I will just remaster them myself, but I just want to be sure. I don’t need all of them, just all that you happen to have, and I can do the rest.

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