Doom 64: Official Soundtrack


  1. Chris King

    Epic soundtrack. Could you upload the rest of the songs from the game when you get the chance? This
    game is seriously underrated, which is a shame, as your work on this game (and all games that have the privilege of having your music grace them) is nothing short of stellar.

    It’s a shame you didn’t get to work on Doom 3; your music would of fit it perfectly!

  2. admin

    Thanks for the nice feedback. All the tracks that shipped plus 3 bonus tracks are included. 27 tracks in all! This is one long soundtrack:) Follow the link to go to the actual storefront. It’s possible that the widget isn’t showing you all of the tracks due to some sort of browser issue.

  3. Wow, I have been looking for a official soundtrack forever of these masterpieces! I was 12 when I first played Doom 64, and the soundscape you created for it was absolutely immense. It inspired me so much that I kind of took up learning ways to make my own stuff. This of course is a big undertaking, but your work definitely has inspired me!

    I am buying both of your soundtracks in FLAC! This is incredible!

  4. I love your music on doom 3 as well as the game itself. The music makes the game more dark and evil and in my opinion this is one of the more serious demonic dooms ever made. I also wish you would of done music for part 3 and if part 4 was to ever come out please make music for that one too. Again great job on Doom 64

  5. Leon

    i thought i was going to soil myself first time i listened to the track for “Breakdown”

  6. Vince

    Mister Hodges, I am a HUGE fan of this soundtrack and of the game, it’s been one of my favorite games since I was very young. Do you think you could detail how you created these tracks? I’ve always been very curious, as a musician and sound engineer, how you (or any audio engineer in the horror genre) put together such eerie soundscapes!

  7. notagain

    Oh yes this is the one with the crying demon babies in the Hell levels.

  8. I’ve been a fan for many years of the console Doom soundtracks. With regard to the stage tracks from this collection, I noticed there’s a 60-cycle hum in the background. Using Goldwave, I was able to isolate this 60-cycle noise during the silent parts of each track, and then I was able to “subtract” the noise using it as a noise reduction filter (FFT = 13 with 16x Overlap) . The result greatly improved the overall quality and resolution of the sound for these stage music selections.

    • admin

      The subtle noise present on the N64 has always been an issue when the material has alot of dynamic range. The nature of the material in Doom made getting a decent mix a nightmare. Most games overcome the issue by pumping the gain using volume compression and loudness maximizers and such, but the dark ambient material used in Doom needs a ton of volume range to be effective. To this day I still can’t fathom why Nintendo never bothered to allow for a digital out of some sort. Sigh. So, I made the decision to leave it alone since that stupid hum was pretty much present on every N64 I ever heard while playing the game. I was just trying to stay true to the original experience that the console allowed. The N64 is the most tedious platform I have used in game development and I am thrilled to never have to deal with it again! Haha

  9. I agree 100% In fact the N64’s atrocious hum is so bad, that I originally resorted to emulated mini-USF files in order to listen to the DOOM 64 soundtrack. While those did not have the hum and were pure digital, they unfortunately had terribly distorted high frequency range issues that would leave loud squeels on a lot of the high notes. After subtracting the hum the way I did from your OST release, they now sound better than any previous way to hear them, so I’m quite happy!

    • In the years since this, the “UltraHDMI” mod came out, which allows for pure digital output for both video and audio. With this mod, you can now for the first time listen to Doom 64 music with no analog noise or hum!

  10. Matthew Cusanelli

    While forgotten by many, Doom 64 (The Absolution) has been and always will be my favorite doom game. The perfectly designed levels and this epic soundtrack truly made doom 64 what hell would probably be like. Something i noticed is that level 9 (even simpler) is the first level of hell, but as you get closer to level 9, level 8 being the level that transports to hell, the more demonic the music becomes. More and more moans and the sounds of demons become more and more apparent as you progress through the levels. If this was intended it goes to show how much detail that was truly put into this game. I wish another doom game would come out that would come out and be a true successor to DooM 64, one that isn’t limited by the technology that limited 64’s release.

  11. xtontrolsatan

    This sound track is like nothing i have ever listened to before. I spent nights beating this game with only in level weapons (hardcore was by far the hardest). It was part of a dark time in my life i got addicted to that feeling of dread the music came with. Anyway,you are a madter artist in this field!

  12. I paid for all your DooM and Quake albums last year I love them thanks for the soundtracks!!!

  13. Rudy

    I certainly wouldn’t mind give me your thoughts on each track of Doom 64. Do you feel you could of done better or after listening to the track now, would you change it in anyway as an improvement?

  14. rudy

    OK so the new Doom is coming out soon. Have they asked if you wanted to do the music? If they haven then I recommend you should ask them. 🙂

  15. Tristan

    I agree with Rudy, Mr. Hodges. Doom just isn’t the same without your music. Doom 3 went for a more survival horror tone, but failed because its soundtrack was lacking and at times nonexistent and the game came off as boring. Your music adds a whole new level of immersion to the game. One that the other Doom versions and Doom 3 just cannot recreate. If you were to compose the score for the new Doom, that alone would give me faith in the franchise once again. Thank you for your beautiful music in PSX Doom, Final Doom, and Doom 64. I adore Doom on most consoles, but your soundtrack coupled with the ambient environmental lighting and sound effects has made me love it that much more! 🙂

  16. RR

    I know you probably get a bunch of questions relating to your ambient work, but as an artist, what do you think of Kelly Bailey’s work? He composed the soundtracks to Half Life’s 1- episode 2, and also did Portal 1’s soundtrack.

    some single examples; – android hell – shadows for and alt – taste of blood – tau 9

  17. Tom Arch

    Such an amazing soundtrack, this was one of my favorite incarnations of Doom and the music is huge reason why. Your sounds are really great, the layering is awesome.

    Would you be willing to divulge what synths/samples/tone generators you used during this era? As a sound designer I would absolutely love to hear what your workflow was like for this music, and where you sourced / how you made some of those textures!!

    Thanks for the amazing music, huge fan!

  18. I used a mix of modified samples from several libraries but much of the truly odd tones were captured around the studio. I will post a blog article soon to go into detail about those techniques as it is a question I get often.

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