Sheet Music Section

I have added a section to the site which contains sheet music in .pdf format for my compositions over the years. The first offering is the score for Dragonvale.

You can get to the sheet music page by using the MUSIC menu category. Or by following this link:


Happy Downloading!




  1. Quest For Glory Fan


    I just found this website when I tried to google sheet music for Quest For Glory IV: Shadows Of Darkness. Is there a possibility that you’d share the sheet music of that particular game, or the whole series? I just love the music of the classic adventure games, so I’d like to make covers of them by playing real instruments as a tribute to them. I was hoping to find the title theme sheet for Shadows of Darkness, but I also liked the music in Quest For Glory III. It’d be great if the sheet music could be seen someday.

    • I am currently working on plans to release a soundtrack for Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness. While I am working on those tracks I will most likely export the sheet music and post it to this site. It will most likely be 2015, possibly February or March. I might find some time to get this thing our sooner but I just don’t know. I am working on so many projects at the moment it is hard for me to know when I can find a little extra time to make this happen. I really do want to deliver the original pieces in their old school glory…however I would love to redo a few select pieces with modern high quality samples and real instruments. That soundtrack had a few of my favorite compositions and brings back fond memories.

  2. Jkmorgan


    I’m a fan. Thank you for sharing the sheet music! I can’t believe you do. For dragonvale (main theme and me and my dragon in particular), there is only one page in the download and seems to be missing some?

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