QUAKE 2 – Nintendo 64: Official Soundtrack


  1. Leon

    nice! never knew this was actually done by the man himself. haha “Razor”, huh?
    yet another addition to my ever-growing army of Aubrey Hodges soundtracks

  2. carlos

    i get impressed by Doom 64 & Quake one 64, it can not be more disturbing and rare. it was great and master pieces.

  3. bunyonb

    Yo, the player you use for the soundtracks is slow!

  4. Trent

    This game was lambasted (still is) so unfairly in my opinion. I see it like Doom on the PS1 to PC Doom – an alternative, darker take. I think when you have that understanding you can appreciate the game better. My personal favorite track is Swarmed (Communications Center). I remember memorizing the level name in my head so I could look it up later and see if someone had the track up, haha.

  5. I love the intro theme, didn’t realise Doom 64 and Quake II 64 was the same composer. Doom 64 soundtrack is amazing, but this was still quite memorable and ambient.

  6. Corey James Bruton

    I Got To Say Level Complete Non Remix Addition Was Breathtaking After A Match and Quite Uniquely Bizarre At The Most Part So Satisfyingly Interesting.

  7. Corey James Bruton

    & I believe Doom 64 was a Masterpiece to a Demigod at work

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